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Masoli, Embry Accused of Theft at School Fraternity

Jeremiah Masoli is the talk of the town this week in Eugene, Oregon. Max Wolfard, a University of Oregon student, and a brother of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, filed a police report against the Ducks quarterback. He claimed that Masoli and wide receiver Garret Embry were at a party his fraternity held, Saturday January 24th, and acted suspicious all night. Wolfard continued, admitting how he was in awe of their presence, but then claimed they acted suspiciously. He asked Embry what he was holding under his jacket. Without responding, Embry and Masoli bolted out the door, only to be chased down by Wolfard several blocks later. The two exchanged words as Garret returned a stolen projector.

By the end of the night, two Macbook Pros and a guitar were also reported missing. Wolfard has called the police and filed a report, where he accused Embry and Masoli, but no action has been taken yet by the Eugene Police Department. Athletic department spokesman Dave Williford, Ducks head coach Chip Kelly, Masoli, and Embry have all refused to comment on the issue.

Theft is arguably worse than the fighting incident running back LeGarrette Blount faced last year when he punched Boise State linebacker Byron Hout after a loss on national television. Blount was initially suspended indefinitely, and if the fraternity incidents prove true, it's certain Masoli will be kicked off the team (Embry was cut this past week) and both would likely be expelled.

Also that night, Oregon kicker Rob Beard proved nice guys can finish last. He attempted to break up a fight between 20 people and took a beating in the process. Beard ended up getting pummeled to the ground and kicked in the face several times. Friends brought him to Sacred Heart Medical Center at RiverBend, where he received treatment for several face fractures. EPD is after a black male who was wearing a red sweatshirt that night and left the car in Washington plates. Anyone with information call EPD at 541-682-8888

~Jacob Rogers~


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