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Ex-Duck Jeremiah Masoli Isn't Done Yet: Where Does he go From Here?

Jeremiah Masoli could've been considered one of the greatest Ducks quarterbacks ever. He could have been among the ranks of Dan Fouts and Dennis Dixon.

But as any Ducks fan knows, Masoli got the boot earlier in the year. First it was because of second degree burglary, then lying to cover over it. He was suspended from playing football next year, but could be redshirted to play for the Ducks as a senior in 2011.

Well that didn't work out after he was caught with some marijuana, and violating a few traffic laws. Masoli is officially kicked out of Oregon.

The general consensus was that Masoli would declare eligibility for the NFL supplementary draft. He didn't. That leads us to where we are now...Masoli is a "free agent" in the big bad world of colleges, with three options left.

1) He stays at the FBS level, and plays next year.

The only way he can do this is by graduation. If he completes his remaining two courses, then it's possible to transfer to a different school from Oregon if he enters a graduate program not offered at Oregon, assuming the NCAA grants him a waiver to do such (see details of how that works below).

2) Masoli switches down to a Division II school and plays next year.

Doing this means that he plays for a lousy team, probably making him the best players there, and will never have an NFL career. He wouldn't have to get his degree and graduate from Oregon to do this. Note: This doesn't mean an FCS school. This is something like the U. of Central Arkansas, U. of DC, Grand Valley State University, etc.

3) Masoli stays at the FBS level, and waits one year to play.

Option number three would include Masoli transferring to another FBS school, and sitting out one year (as he was originally going to have to do at Oregon). While this seems like the easy way out, it'll all be up to whether or not anybody wants to accept him.

Now sure, teams like Louisiana Tech and Mississippi State are interested in him...but thats a serious step back from the University of Oregon. And according to the link above, MSU isn't even an option at this point. There's schools all over the country in dire need of a quarterback that I'm sure would be willing to bring him on. However, here's my top three schools I think he might end up attending:

1) Louisiana Tech

The Bulldogs have been listed as an option for a while, ever since he visited Ruston, La. back in June. Masoli and new head coach Sonny Dykes are a match made in heaven according to the UO Sports Dude. And I must say, I'm inclined to agree.

The Bulldogs haven't won a bowl game since 1984, and are considered the crap-of-the-WAC. If Masoli went there and turns things around, he'd be hailed a hero and might be given a chance in the NFL.

See, Sonny Dykes is all to familiar with Jeremiah Masoli after serving as offensive coordinator with the Arizona Wildcats the past three seasons. Dykes is a spread-option expert, and is lenient towards the passing game. Masoli excelled in a similar type playbook at Oregon.

If Jeremiah Masoli were to transfer to Louisiana Tech, he would most likely be sitting out next year and playing his senior year in 2011. That also happens to be the year Boise State leaves for the Pac-10, opening up the way for other teams to take the lead, like say...Louisiana Tech!

In order to play in 2010 however, he would have to enter a graduate program at Louisiana Tech, not offered at the University of Oregon (see list at above link).

2) Appalachian State

The Mountaineers are possibly one of the best FCS teams of all time. They won three championships in a row, the first to ever accomplish that, from 2005-2007. This included one of the greatest upsets ever when App. State beat Michigan, in Michigan.

App. State runs a spread option offense, and has used it to dominate the FCS for the past few years. The Mountaineers recently lost their starting quarterback...even though DeAndre Presley is posed to take over, I think they'd be inclined to pick Jeremiah Masoli if he was able to play next year (that's if NCAA grants him a waiver of the ineligibility, as explained here).

As with Louisiana Tech, Jeremiah Masoli would have to enter a graduate program offered at ASU, not offered at the UofO. And yes, there are several available.

I think Masoli would do well in the Appalachian State system, and may help them rise to success once again. The question: Does ASU want Masoli on their team?

3) Texas Tech

My third top school of choice for Masoli is Texas Tech. Surprisingly, this may be the most likely option available.

The graduate programs offered at TTU vary from those offered at Oregon, so as long as the NCAA grants him a waiver that shouldn't be an issue. And who knows...Masoli may have an knack for Law.

The Red Raiders also operate a spread offense similar to that of Oregon's, and under new coach Tommy Tubberville there's expected to be a lot of run involved...Masoli's specialty.

Both leading quarterbacks for Texas Tech (Taylor Potts and Steven Sheffield) will graduate at the end of 2010, leaving the door wide open for Masoli. He wouldn't even have to get the NCAA grant if TTU is willing to bring him on, and redshirt him in 2010.

Overall, all hope is not lost for Jeremiah Masoli. Yeah, the state of Oregon in general hates him now. Yes, he probably threw away an NFL career LeGarrette Blount style. However second chances are always possible, and one of the three schools listed above will most likely see Masoli suit up in their locker room in the near future.

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