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9 and Ooooooohhhhhhhhh by Justin Miers

Well, with three regular season games left, I'm finally allowing myself to imagine that this could be the year. Not that it's in the bag, by any means, but I'm just allowing myself to imagine. And I got to be honest, it feels pretty good. Duck fans have come a long way this past year. A tough Rose Bowl loss to Ohio State, an off-season that saw way too much attention off the field and uncertainty at quarterback. And now with a 9 and 0 record for the first time in school history, a number 1 BCS ranking for the first time in history and the inside track to the BCS championship game, four words come to mind...thank you, Chip Kelly.
It has been a joy to watch and listen to Chip Kelly this season. He has guided this Duck team through thick and thin and kept them focused at each turn in the road. The way he has handled his team, his staff and the media should set an example for other coaches. He always seems to be in control of the moment and at the same time, seems like he's enjoying himself. There was a moment during the UCLA game where everything had gone the Duck's way and after another successful play, the camera was on Kelly and you could read his lips as he looked down at his play-sheet, "What else do we have?" Like a kid on the playground, he was havin' fun. It's no wonder the Ducks were able to answer the call when they were down to Tennessee 13-3, when they were down to Stanford 21-3, when they came out slow last week against Washington. Chip Kelly keeps them focused and confident. There never seems to be bickering between players and when coach Kelly is giving his players criticism, he's not up in their faces. It's a joy to witness. So, there you have it. Chip Kelly, a real class act and true leader.

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  1. I agree Chip is proving himself to be an elite coach, and the good news we should be able to keep him with Nike money.