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Social Media Let Down

You'd think that a BCS National Championship would be a social media phenomenon on Facebook, right? Well, according to the Oregon Ducks official Facebook fan page, there is no mention of it on their events tab. In fact, their most recent event promotion was the 2010 Rose Bowl, more than 13 months ago. Before that, there were only five total events, dating back to 2008, skipping many crucial match ups, including the 2009 Holiday Bowl victory against Oklahoma State. There's also no indication of upcoming events since the Rose Bowl against Ohio State, almost as if the creator lost faith in posting after a BCS let down on a national stage.

Also, many sports teams will include several websites, Twitters, and other information on their Facebook; the Oregon Ducks page does not. It only mentions the University establishment date in 1876, and the about section states, “There's something about the Oregon Ducks.” Cute. But, not informative or interesting about one of the most watched football programs across the country.

The informal organization continues to the wall. Instead of posts about the Ducks – which would make sense considering it is the Ducks fan page – it's filled with news about the Super Bowl, girls in green and yellow swimsuits, among other college humor.

Yes, it's a college website, but it should still maintain some sort of professional organization. There's no mention anywhere on the website about the basketball team or the $290 million Matthew Knight Arena. The hockey and track team are displayed in caption-less pictures, where it's hard to guess what exactly is going on. The rest of the pictures are just zoomed out takes of the Rose Bowl crowd, which with all the green and yellow, looks like an average Saturday at Autzen Stadium – also not pictured on the page.

As if all the boarderline importance isn't enough to cram the Oregon Ducks Facebook page, there's even spam on the wall. You'd think at a University with 24,000 students looking to amplify their resumes, combined with the 134,000 Facebook fans, someone would step up to enhance the Facebook page. It's possible that no one has updated the page since the Rose Bowl, especially when the only video on this social media outlet is when Puddles got in a mascot fight against the Houston Cougar three years ago. Hopefully this changes soon, as the Ducks look to return to the national title game in New Orleans next year, which is definitely something to brag about on Facebook.

~Jacob Rogers~


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